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Jazz Maps Releases

This page tracks the feature content delivered per release.

Jazz Maps - OneDrive

Released September 2014

  • Review Geo-Coordinates for the route
  • Delete selected Geo-Coordinates
  • Select Geo-Coordinates to view with the route
  • Archive older routes to OneDrive
  • auto-suggestion for text input
  • minor bug fixes

Jazz Maps - OneDrive

Released July 2014

  • Add tagged locations to route by setting option in route
  • minor bug fixes

Jazz Maps - OneDrive

Released June 2014

  • Display current location
  • Add a coordinate to a map
  • Edit a pushpin as a map coordinate
  • Set a Geo-coordinate
  • Review all Geo-coordinates on the map
  • Map and save a route
  • Edit route
  • Tag Locations and Routes
  • Option to save routes on OneDrive

Jazz Maps

Released May 2014

  • Create locations with coordinates for Geo-cacheing and display them on a map.

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