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Jazz Note Releases

This page tracks the feature content delivered per release.

Jazz Notes - OneDrive 7.1.x.x

  • Based on consumer input.
  • Culture invariant search

Jazz Notes - OneDrive

Released September 2014

  • Auto-suggestion for text input

Jazz Notes - OneDrive

Released June 2014
  • Tag name can be anything (bug fix)
  • Navigate to Sign In page (bug fix)
  • Tombstone (bug fix)
  • Skydrive -> OneDrive terminology

Jazz Notes - OneDrive

Released August 2013

  • Finnish language added.
  • Maintenance release

Jazz Notes - OneDrive

Released July 2013

  • Multiple languages supported: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish
  • Google Analytics

Jazz Notes - OneDrive

Released April 2013

  • Search note for text
  • Fix bugs for enabling edit
  • Settings Option to hide completed objects on All Notes and Main Pages
  • Added Watch list for notes: notifies user on a regular interval
  • Removed Reminders
  • Upgraded Sterling database to version 1.5

Jazz Notes - OneDrive

Released November 2012

  • Export note to OneDrive that can be edited on desktop. (the Jazz notes file on OneDrive is encoded.)
  • Multiple user app with OneDrive    
  • Use Notes as a single user standalone application or network with OneDrive
  • Light and Dark theme support
  • Portrait and Landscape support
  • English only
  • Auto-generate test data
  • Fast and fluid Metro motion interface
  • Multiple sorts for Notes
  • Application settings allow custom functionality adjustments
  • Flexible Start Page: Choose how you want to use the app.
  • Create notes, tags
  • Add multiple tags to a note
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